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Dear Lovergirl,

Don’t tell Will, but if he ever breaks up with me… well let’s just say he might be in big trouble.

By day I am a Romantic Fairy Godmother for Strong Successful Women, BUT over the last couple of years I’ve been hiding a magical power of mine. And no it’s not revenge… (although I do have a pretty wicked sense of humor;-)

Actually it’s that I LOVE LOVE LOVE online dating, and forgive me for being bold… but I am really freakin’ good at it. Okay, I admit it… I am better than good. In fact I show women who are utterly petrified of online dating, women who have had the worst experiences you can imagine, how to love online dating as much as I do. And they do indeed find the most incredible men.


HOW? My magical gift consists of 2 parts:

1. I know what gets men excited about really getting to know you, and makes them want to court you on your terms. (And believe me, men themselves can’t even tell you what this is.)

2. I know how to put this into a profile that not only will mesmerize him, but is also a genuine reflection of you.

I have only been offering this to my private clients, because the powerhouse combo of working privately together + an absolutely irresistible profile is a no brainer for drawing in what she wants romantically.

Still I have to share something with you. I’ve been stressing quite a bit the last couple of weeks over an international client’s eHarmony profile.

You see all of my girls have been having wonderful men contacting them on eHarmony after I did their profiles for them.

BUT I had one client, who was getting zip, zilch, no hombres. And trust me, I DO take that personally.

My instincts were telling me that something was off with how we registered her profile. Yet, eHarmony was being anything but helpful about confirming it. So she went to cancel her account so we could start over AND FINALLY, an eHarmony representative fixed her account registration. THEN BAM…. it started raining men, including a very successful CEO who thinks she might be the love of his life:-)

BECAUSE that’s what I do… I create profiles for women that make it rain insanely awesome men.

These days I spend A LOT of time on eHarmony managing my private clients’ online profiles. I’ve written profiles for CEOs, Professional Writers, and all types of Strong Successful Single Clients.

Even on eHarmony, which is notorious for low numbers of great men contacting women clients, my girls receive lots of positive attention from hot, intelligent, emotionally available guys. Responses like this are the absolute norm for the women I’ve written profiles for:

1. From e-Harmonye-harmony response

2. From e-Harmonye-harmony response

3. From e-Harmonye-harmony response

4. From e-Harmony

e-harmony response

 5. From e-Harmony and one of my favorites (can you guess why?;-)
Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 12.20.01 PM

 6. From Match

match response


And that’s what I do for women… I get incredible men excited about wanting to know you. Putting together a profile that attracts the type of men you want to date takes a very specific and special skill set along with a certain amount of time you may not have to dedicate to this one task. 

Also regardless of intelligence and writing ability the truth is that most women are not gifted at talking about themselves in a profile. But the good news is that I am. I have madcap magical profile writing skills.

Finally, I’ve decided that I am going to offer my profile writing skills as a stand alone service to women around the world.. 

So brace yourself Lovergirl for the following: The investment is $1997. And it is WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY.


Here’s how it works:

1. After registration, I will give you some pre-work to complete for me about you and your life, which is designed to uncover all the things about you that I know men will find undeniably mesmerizing.

2. When I receive your pre-work, we will schedule a time to go over it to let me ask any additional questions about your life and who you are. We’ll also use this time to go over photographs for your online portfolio, which are important as well. We can use Skype to choose the best outfits, and discuss ways to get your best shots. (This session is about 1.5 hours)

3. Next, I spend anywhere from 6 to 10 hours putting together something very special that incorporates you genuinely, and uses everything I know about attracting the attention of incredible, relationship-worthy men. I spend a lot of time on this to get it perfect. I don’t half-ass profiles or try to put them together as quickly as possible. Remember, my magical power lays in the ability to show men just how incredible you are and leave them wanting to know more and more, while subtly stating (and sometimes not so subtly) what you are really looking for in a partner without scaring him off.

4. Don’t be surprised to see men that you are really interested in coming back to view your profile again and again.

5. With eHarmony, you have a 650 character count to capture all of this. I take my time to get this right, leaving out the unnecessary, and only adding what I know will fascinate him; even showing him what it’s really like to spend time with you.

6. Then, your profile will be professionally and anonymously copy edited.

7. Finally, we will schedule your last session to go over your profile and do any tweaking necessary. If your photos are available, I will help you choose the best ones to jumpstart an incredible dating experience. Also I’ll answer any questions you may have about online dating. (This session is an hour)

Lovergirl, online dating is truly the key to finding the biggest and best pool of available men in your area to love, adore, and cherish you.

Even if you have already tried it before without any success, that doesn’t mean you can’t find your man online, just like my girl Stephanie did after I redid her eHarmony profile and a deluge of great men started flooding in.


By the way… Stephanie almost never made it to date 2 or 3 before working with me. And he has invited her to go to Germany with him this summer, as well as meet his family, and go on several other vacations with him this year. Not bad for a 40 year old single mom with a truly rocky romantic history(which included her ex-husband leaving her for a much younger woman). Plus I’ve seen H’s pics… He’s not only intelligent and successful… He’s HOT.

Also I’d be happy to have a short phone chat with you if would like to know more about this personal service. Or you can email me ( with questions. Your choice.

Email Jenn Burton


Register Here



So if Will ever decides to take a hike… well… I have to say, I’ll be very sad, BUT I definitely won’t be at a loss for new incredible, available men for my Mantourage;-)

Oh and if you decide to have me do your profile, I will give you access to my comprehensive online dating program: E-rresistibility, A Woman’s Step-By-Step Guide To Online Dating That Leads To Offline Romance as a free bonus. This program includes tons of great material from your online photos to responding to men, even a section on the most important online safety tips.:-)