The Courage Kit By Jenn Burton

The Courage Kit FAQs…

1.) I want to do The Courage Kit, but I am too busy to make time for the program, what should I do?

Women today are busy.  We take on so much from our jobs, our businesses, our homes, our friends, our children…  and we put ourselves and our dreams last on the list.  After all, it is so much easier to so ‘No’ to yourself than to your boss or your clients or your family, isn’t it?

For everything we take on, we expend energy.  These efforts may benefit us more than they take from us, or vice versa. When you look at everything that you are doing, all that is on your plate, you may want to ask yourself ‘What are you doing that will change your life?’

I know this sounds bombastic and totally over-the-top, but really, where do you want to be romantically this time next year?  Alone and eating half-price Valentine candy?  Eating your heart out over your co-worker’s bouquet of flowers?  Or deciding which juicy offer to take for Friday night: dinner and tickets to a play with a sophisticated, worldly gentleman; or dancing all night to a live band with a strong, studly cowboy?  

The Courage Kit is the kind of program that really can change you and your life for good.  For many, the confidence and knowledge they gain not only helps their romantic world, but also improves their career and social lives with other women.   

So you really just have to ask yourself – all these other things I am doing, will they lead me to what I truly want from my life?  Or are they simply keeping me in a rut?  Or are they keeping me too busy to even notice that I’m not happy?  The Courage Kit will require time, and it will require effort and especially honesty.  But in return, it will give you the ability to create the romantic, adored life you deserve, now and forever.  

So again I ask you… what do you want 1 year from now?

A. Do you still want to be stuck waiting and pretending you don’t care about having a great guy in your life?

B. Or do you want to be with a man who is everything you’ve ever wanted because you decided to take a chance on yourself and learn how to be adored by men on your terms?

2) Why does The Courage Kit cost this price?

Because of the sheer amount of what you get!  First of all you get 14 chapters plus bonus classes that deal with everything you need from how to cleanse your heart from bad experiences and wrong thinking, to how to talk to men to not only get but keep their attention. You also get two calls per month with me to discuss what is happening and what you are learning, and to request strategic advice that actually works.  You get a super-secret forum to discuss anything you want with me and with your ‘Wing-women’ – women from all over the globe who are also going on this journey and understand what you are going through. 

Considering that private coaching passes start at $6000 USD, The Courage Kit price comes with expert support, access, and incredible value. Dating can be extremely intimidating on your own only armed with the support of girlfriends unsuccessful in relationships, or your married ones who don’t really understand the intricacies of turning your crappy dating experiences around. This level of support makes creating the love life your really want much easier, exponentially faster, and severely less painful.

3.) I haven’t dated in years, is this program for me?

Oh, my darling – this program is ESPECIALLY for you!  What is it that has held you back from dating? A bad relationship that has hurt you deeply? A deep mistrust and inability to understand men? A toxic level of self-hate?  A never-ending battle with the ‘fat-and-uglies’?

You are in desperate need of feeling adored, and I can help you to first, adore yourself, and then to receive your deserved adoration from the wonderful men that you will be drawing into your life.  One luscious lovely who had not had a date in FOUR years had a man passing her his number only a couple weeks into the course (After years of zip, zero, zilch)!  (And yes, dates did follow…)

Another one of my clients had never been on a date and now is married to an incredible man.

So come on, Lovergirl, and let’s get you out of your Friday night ‘ice-cream-and-TV’ routine and instead experiencing your most audacious romantic adventures!   

4.) I already follow you Jenn on your website, watch your videos, and I’ve study lots about love… will I know everything? and I’ve online dated.. will I be learning anything new?

Oh, absolutely yes!  We’ll be learning how to cleanse painful experiences and hurtful beliefs from your heart and mind, the power of celebration, talking about Romantic Archetypes, & how to be unapologetically romantic in a way that makes you mesmerizing to high quality men among other things.  You’ll also be able to experience the joys of having a whole group of supportive Wing-women who will cheer you on, commiserate with you (or kick your hot buns) as needed, and inspire you to be your glorious self.

Add to that some bonus material about creating chemistry and using the push-pull technique, and don’t worry – you’ll have plenty of new information to play with!

Within our community you’ll find support for every move you make romantically as you shake up the status quo in dating and draw in what you want deep down. Strategic advice that works. There is always something new to learn. My favorite, sweet spot communication with men that very few women know about and even less use.

5) Do I have to date more than one man?

One thing that I teach in The Courage Kit is how to develop a Mantourage, or dating more than one man at a time – 2 to 5 is a great place to start.  Why?

Because, first of all, it is incredibly fun and exciting, receiving attention and affection from multiple men.  Also, this will give you amazing insight into what you really want from a man in an exclusive relationship.  A Mantourage is the BEST tool to learn or re-define exactly what you want, and a woman who knows what she wants is damn sexy to men.  Finally, men are hard-wired to pursue a woman, not to be pursued by one.  Unless a man is completely infatuated with you, he will not be able to handle all of your attention and focus on him – he will call you less and less and eventually disappear.  Men ultimately want to choose the woman they can’t stop thinking about, which is always the woman they feel amazing around.

And a little secret you need to know: the men worth keeping around are the ones that want to work for your attention.  If he has to work for it, you will be on his mind a lot.  And if he leaves, then he is making space for an even better man to come instead.

Of course I can’t force you to date more than one man at a time.  But why would you want to hamper yourself in that way, when you could be having so much more fun and adoration?  Plus you’ll make my job of helping you have everything you want romantically much much harder.

6.) But Jenn I have dated more than one man at a time, and I didn’t like it…

Not my way you haven’t 😉 and you also haven’t done it with a complete support system that includes my dating expertise & other incredible women on the same journey as you.

7) What if I do everything in The Courage Kit and I still can’t find love…

Putting yourself out there and declaring that you want to amazing dating adventures can be SCARY! We all have that fear of embarrassment, we all have a fear that no one will love us back– what if we go all out and fall flat on our face? Many of us are also afraid of hurting any men that we might be attracted to.

Honestly, I’ve never seen anyone consistently implement the The Courage Kit strategies and be worse off because of it.

That’s probably because The Courage Kit is not a blanket, one-sized-fits-all kind of course. I advise that you take the strategies and philosophies that you learn, then apply them to your love life with your own creativity and personality. When you’re not just following blind advice, but instead thinking strategically about your romantic adventures, it’s pretty difficult NOT to reinvent your love life at least to some degree. But most likely it will be a jaw dropping overhaul:)

8) Is this another program that just gives me a bunch of theory but doesn’t tell me how to implement?

No way, Lovergirl!  This course has all sorts of exercises, challenges and yes, even a bit of show-and-tell.  I’ll be giving you actual examples, and ways to practice your new skills both with your Wing-women and with men.  And if things don’t work out exactly as you imagined?  Well, that’s what our two-times-a-month calls are for and our top secret community.  You can ask for help, and we’ll gladly work with you to make sure you get the best results.  Don’t worry – you won’t be left with a bunch of ideas that sound good but get you nowhere.  

9) Do I have to online date?

It’s not a requirement, but it is absolutely suggested. This course is about opening up your world to all of your romantic possibilities. I love online dating so much that I have included my program E-rresistibility, The Adored Woman’s Guide to Online Dating as your bonus. Online dating is the quickest way to open up your options. But does require a great profile before you get started.

10) How many lessons per week?

2 per week

11) How many coaching calls?

2 per month, I will send you the schedule.

12) I am in love with one specific man, will this program help me get him?

I can’t answer that for sure. You will have the tools to unleash what is mesmerizing about you. But honestly, my gals that come in hyper focused on one man and unwilling to open their hearts to the possibility of other men usually have the hardest time in this course.

Plus my specialty is dating more than one man at once. It is what I love about dating, and it’s what I find to be the most effective way into permanently shifting your mindset into being loved and adored. It’s also the fastest way to draw in your dream man. But realize that your perfect dream man just may not be this guy you are focused on now.

13) Is there a money back guarantee from the Courage Kit – i.e. no love/marriage – no pay

How I would love to give you a resounding yes to this… but the truth is NO ONE can guarantee you love or marriage, and let me tell you why.

Love is an inside job. Your dating and love life is a direct reflection of how much you believe in your capacity to be loved and adored, NOT A RESULT OF EXTERNAL CIRCUMSTANCES.

My course is designed to help you bring down the walls that keep you from having everything you want romantically (and have the most incredible time in doing so). For some, that takes a month or two… for others, it takes longer.

Your love life is not static. Marriage or love isn’t necessarily the only prize. I want to teach you the ability to create whatever you want whenever you want for your love life. There are no guarantees in life & love. You could meet the man of your dreams tomorrow and the next day he is killed in an automobile accident. And then what? Does that mean you should shut down for romantic business permanently?

Instead, I want you to know that no matter what, you can inspire men to adore and love you, and that you can draw them closer to you when you want. Plus, marriage really loses it’s romantic appeal when you see it as the destination instead of part of a magnificent journey.

With that said… I am an open book when it comes to who I want in this course. I am looking for women who are open to creating love through magical dating adventures. I will bend over backwards and do somersaults for women that are willing to do the work it takes to have what they want romantically. But there is a difference between a woman that will do the work and who is open to amazing possibilities AND a woman who is just half assedly going through the motions.

You have to determine whether or not you are the woman willing to do the work with an open heart & mind. For women who are highly concerned with the “Money-Back Guarantee”, I actually don’t recommend the course. Why? Because unfortunately being that concerned usually comes with an attitude that demands that I prove my methods instead of spending my energy teaching, coaching, and creating romantic adventures. It’s a lose-lose.

Yet I do have a promise:

Here’s my promise: Work through the course, do ALL the homework, come to ALL group coaching calls, participate actively and positively in our Facebook group, and do ALL of the romantic challenges and you if still don’t believe it could change your romantic life forever, I’ll cheerfully refund your money.

14) It seems quite difficult to get a mantourage (dating multiple men) at this age. How do you get a mantourage and get them to like you at this age?

Women of any age can have a bevy of pursuers when she understands and embraces the core of her femininity, her unique feminine essence.

The problem is that women are not taught how to be adored by the men in their lives. Instead, society teaches women “How to be a so-called good woman” and they learn how to please men instead of inspiring men to adore them.

When a woman lives from her unique feminine essence, owns who she is as a woman,  knows throughout her soul that she can attract men to her at any age, AND understands sweet spot communication with men… well then she can create a Mantourage at anytime she wants regardless of her age – or theirs. The Courage Kit addresses all of those components and gives women the practice that they need to prove to themselves that they can do all of this.

Let me give you an example:

One of my former clients is her 50s had spent a great amount of time telling me about the men she had pursuing her and flirting with her when I asked, “Do you think the pool for dating at your age is really small?”

Immediately she said… “Yes.”

“Really, you are going to tell me that even with all the men that are pursuing you and flirting with you that the dating pool is really small?!” (me)

“Well I hadn’t thought about it like that.”
Exactly… the truth is that the dating pool really isn’t that small. Our ideas of romance and dating adventures are actually too small.

This is the key component to being an adored woman:

***Adored women don’t need a man to have an extraordinary life but they sure don’t mind inviting him join in.***

When a woman functions from this place, she will have lots of men attracted to her, regardless if she is 18 or 80. The Courage Kit is designed to help you become this woman.

15) I have dated a lot, and I haven’t had one second date nor do I like any of the men I dated.  Is this bad luck, or is this symptomatic of dating itself?

It’s not bad luck, it is a symptom of dating, and not necessarily just internet dating. There is something broken in your approach. Also, not being attracted to any men is a symptom of your resistance to love and being adored. I have worked with several women in this exact same scenario with awesome success.

16) I live in another country.. does the information only apply to women in the US?  I don’t know how I can create dating adventures, men in my country don’t date.

Many of my clients are from around the world, including the U.K., Dubai, Kenya, Canada, France, India & Australia.

Ask yourself this… do men and women go to get coffee together, go to the movies, go dancing, spend any time together outside their home? If the answer is yes, then you can do this course and create incredible dating adventures. In most countries some form of social dating/ courting already exists, it just might not be called dating per say.

17) I don’t want long term marriage & kids… actually I am not sure what I really want… is this program for me?

Absolutely, a big component of this course is about discovering what you truly want romantically. I support just about any type of romance you want and will help you have it. (One exception, under no circumstances will I help you get with a married or otherwise taken man.)

18) I travel for my work, can I still benefit from this program?

If you have an internet connection, you can do this course. The are international as well as U.S. call in numbers for the coaching calls. You will also be able to use skype to call into the coaching calls.

19) Jenn is this going to be all romance and cupcakes?

I’d love to tell you yes here too. But the truth is that sometimes transition and coming out of your box is unnerving, overwhelming, and even downright painful. The good news is that learning to be comfortable with being adored, feels amazing, and it’s the best anti-aging cream you can buy. The other good news is that this is the safest and most supportive place for you make this transition. Doing this with other amazing women from all over the world makes the journey so much more worth it… Support is a key piece of romantic courage.

20) Is this game playing?

No, it is not. I teach women how to inspire men to adore them and treat them the way they deserve to be treated. Yes, there is an overwhelming element of fun in what I teach, otherwise I have no interest in teaching it.

I teach women to give up their lame excuses, so they can have what they want with men. I teach women to create more romance, more giddiness, more love, more appreciation, & more pleasure with the men in their lives. No game playing is required.

The focus of the lessons is on YOU: your behavior, your needs, your desires, your joy, your passion and your satisfaction.  And then how to convey them, honestly and forthrightly, to men so they can decide if they want to meet you there.  There is no bait-and-switch to this, no entrapment, and no dishonesty.  If your desire to travel the world in 5 star luxury doesn’t please his roughing-it cowboy heart, then you are free to enjoy what you can together and release him to find the cowgirl of his dreams while you attract your tall, dark and glamorous gentlemanly escort.  

 21) Financially I am struggling, should I invest in the Courage Kit? I know sometimes when your romantic life is going well your financial life gets better.

Yes you are right, I have had lots of clients that start making significantly more money when there love life is going well. Romantic confidence with men, believe it or not, is likely to give you confidence in your career.

BUT this is not a place to invest your money if you are struggling with paying your essential living bills i.e. food, water, rent, mortgage, childcare etc.

If you are in a lot of financial turmoil, I suggest you work on that first and then come back to TCK.

If you are the woman who always says I can’t afford it as your reason to not do something that scares you even though you are financially in a decent place… well you actually should do TCK:)