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Frustrated? Exhausted? Fed-up with pretending you don’t care about having an adventurous, romantic life. Because let’s be honest — You totally do!

You want to date sexy, confident, funny, successful and attentive men.

And it wouldn’t be so bad if one of them turned into a legendary love affair of EPIC proportions.

But for the first time, you’re seriously beginning to wonder — What if I never meet someone who likes me as much as I like them?

Ugh, I know from firsthand experience how scary it is to say those words out loud.

But I’m here to tell you:

You CAN attract someone who loves, adores and cherishes you AS MUCH as you do them.

And you can have EVERYTHING you desire romantically, sexually and more.

Despite what you may have heard, you don’t have to be exceptionally gorgeous, talented or brilliant to have a fulfilling romantic life.

The secret lies in understanding and using your sensual feminine essence to create unforgettable dating adventures.

Women who get their sensual feminine essence, and courageously date with it turned on, have the most fun, attract the hottest guys and know how to create a lifelong love affair with the man of their choosing!

But, no one’s taught you how to use your feminine presence within the context of modern dating. So, you painstakingly go from one dating disaster to the next, all the while wondering why romance alludes you.

Put simply — you don’t know what you don’t know.

That’s why I’m SO excited to announce the step-by-step process I used to go from staying alone on Fridays to receiving multiple, desirable dating offers:

Introducing The Courage Kit

Your 8-Week, Virtual Training Program Designed to Transform You Into A Confident, Feminine, Kick-Ass Woman Who Men Absolutely Adore…


The Program Includes: 

  • Weekly audio & video learning materials delivered straight to your Inbox (10-30 minutes each for easy implementation)
  • Downloadable files of all course lessons (conveniently watch them to your iPod for on-the-go studying)
  • Live Weekly Coaching Q & A Calls
  • Homework assignments that include writing prompts, social experiments and other fun surprises
  • Tested and proven scripts to guide you through EVERY step of the dating process
  • Unlimited email access to me throughout the course for your most pressing questions (Pretty sweet right?)
  • Online Group Forum Access to share & connect with your WingWoman also in the course.

I’ve created this program as an A-to-Z guide to coach you through the ENTIRE dating process from start to wherever you decide to take it.

In This Program, You’ll Learn:

Why your sensual feminine essence is SO important, and how to ALWAYS have it turned on when communicating with men
 The Step-By-Step Process for creating powerful attraction with any man
 The 3 Biggest Mistakes women make in the early stages of dating and how to avoid them
 The Secret of The Irresistible Woman (and why it’s not so secret)
 The Top 5 Places for meeting high-quality men in your area
 My Five-Second Method for opening a conversation with the hottest guy in the room
 The exact scripts I’ve used for teaching men how I want to be treated
 How to create and maintain the sizzling love life you’ve always wanted
 The one thing you must NEVER do if you want to hold onto him for the long-haul
 How to command his respect from Day one. And keep it.
 When to be physically intimate and when to keep him wanting more
 How to create, manage and enjoy your dating mantourage!
 And much much more… 

Now, I know you may be thinking —

Jenn, I’m different! I don’t know if this will work for me.

Trust me, I get it.

I used to be consistently overlooked by guys I really liked. And consistently treated poorly by guys I didn’t particularly care for.

One time, I even stayed in bed crying for a month after my partner left me for another woman (yes, that shit really happens outside of the movies)!

Basically, I sucked at dating & attracting men.

It got to the point where I didn’t think I’d ever meet someone who liked me as much as I liked them. So, I settled.

It wasn’t until our 3-year-anniversary that it hit me: My desire for an epic, passionate love affair wasn’t ever going away. And it was up to me to make it happen.

Now, I’m in the most AMAZING relationship with the kind of man I’ve always wanted. And. He’s. Crazy about me! We have a beautiful 4-year-old daughter together, and I couldn’t be happier.

Five years later — he still calls several times a day and sends me love letters whenever we’re apart!

I don’t tell you this to brag, but to let you know — if I can attract, inspire and keep the man of my dreams, so can you.

Still skeptical? Hear me out.

I know there’s an overwhelming amount of information out there that proclaims to have the secret to “catching a man.”

Most self-help books offer static, one-size-fits-all information, with no direction on how to implement it.

Have you ever read a “really great” book, only to forget everything that was so great about it the moment you put it down?

Learning about dating is like learning a second language — without practical immersion the lessons are useless.

I’ve specifically designed The Courage Kit to empower you to take real actions so you will see real results.

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover:

Chapter 1: Setting Up For Your Romantic Adventures

The 6 Pivotal Steps for maximizing your success with The Courage Kit

The real reasons why men aren’t attracted to you (yes, I said reasons)

Exactly how to emotionally cleanse your heart when it’s holding a lot of junk

The one thing you must know about the very real energetic differences between men & women.

The proven blueprint for getting ANY man to adore you.

My Emotional Sanity While Dating Toolbox 

Chapter 2: Transforming Fear into Fuel

The 5 Pillars of romantic courage

My fool-proof method for decoding the secret messages your fear is sending you

How to transform your fears into romantic fuel

The surprising truth about why focusing on your own pleasure magnetizes men to you.

Exactly how to bring your passion, creativity and sense of play into your interactions with men.

What is a Feminine Fortress and how can creating one expedite your Dating Adventures?

My Ignored to Adored Toolbox

Chapter 3: Removing Your Biggest Romantic Roadblocks

How to make peace with your body image, personality and past romantic experiences once and for all

What men REALLY think when it comes to your body

The two destructive roles most women fall into and how to avoid them.

The hands-down, BEST guidelines to develop a steamy love affair that turns into a relationship.

My Road-map Toolbox for overcoming your insecurities with men 

Chapter 4: Dating Adventures By Design… Your Design 

My 3 fastest methods for increasing your visibility to men

Step-by-step scripts for meeting & engaging with desirable men

Which of the 5 romantic archetypes possessed by ALL magnetic babes do you fall into?

The secret to infusing YOUR romantic archetype into your dating life

Understanding and embracing your role in the dating process

My Scavenger Hunt Toolbox 

Chapter 5: Developing Your Irresistible Beauty 

The #1 deterrent that keeps women from their irresistible beauty and how to avoid making the same mistake

How to surrender to romantic possibilities while honoring your boundaries

How to self-diagnose your romantic woes and F***-ups on the spot

BONUS: a special audio by Shara English on tapping into your sensuality & sexuality

Sweet Spot Communication with Men

My Persistent Resistance Toolbox

Chapter 6: Dazzling and Dating 

The 3 Steps to continually owning your dating mojo

How to make sure your romantic desires NEVER flee from you again

Developing and personalizing your own flirting techniques

Why most women think the hot guys would never go for them and why they’re dead WRONG

Red-flag men to avoid like the plague

Date disaster recovery techniques to salvage (or end) bad dates


If you’re ready to step outside your comfort zone and you’re ready take action, I’m here to help. Right now for a limited time you can get The Courage Kit for only $197 or three easy payments of $77. This is a very special LIVE round of The Courage Kit, and it will be the LAST TIME you see this insanely low price for this course. The next round will be at least double the price. To give you an idea of the incredible amount of value you’re getting — that’s less than the cost of one private coaching session with me!


There ARE ONLY 20 SPOTS AVAILABLE FOR this round!!!

This class is capped at 20 women, so that you get all of my support, my ideas, and attention.

You will never meet a dating coach who believes in you having what you want with men as much as I do. I am transparent and dedicated. I honestly give a damn about your love life. Ask anyone who has worked with me. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who cares more. 

But I want to sweeten the deal even more.

BONUS: Buy now and you’ll also get my Push Pull Advanced Strategies Class: Here you’ll learn what EVERY woman needs to know when handling sticky situations with men. For instance, do you know: What to do if a man you’re seeing suddenly pulls away? Most women unknowingly start pushing their men away and then are surprised when this happens! This class will teach you the advanced strategies you need to keep his attention on you, and how to feel empowered instead of nuts when you can’t read his mind!

Because I SO want you to experience the amazing romantic life you deserve, I want to help make this decision even easier for you.

Here’s my promise: Work through the course, do the homework and if you don’t believe it could potentially change your romantic life forever, simply let me know by email within the first 30 days of course. I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

Just click the blue button below and you’ll be taken to a 100% secure, private shopping cart. Fill out your information and confirm your order. Afterwards, I’ll send your Welcome Package to your Inbox right away!

***Do you have questions, concerns, or comments? Well let’s talk. I want you to feel 100 percent confident in your investment. Shoot me an email at and we’ll set up a time to have a quick chat on the phone  or skype so you can ask me whatever you want about the program to see if it’s a good fit for you***

One last thing — I know how easy it is to put your romantic life on hold; hoping things will fall into place. But I also know:

You can’t keep doing the same thing,  expecting different results.

How do you want to feel?

Romantically delicious, fun and fulfilled?

Or, romantically sour, tired and numb?

The choice is yours. But I gotta tell ya:

You deserve to feel utterly adored.

You deserve to feel turned on.

And you deserve to experience epic dating adventures of legendary proportions!

You CAN have a completely transformed romantic life in just 8 weeks!

Click the button below to get started now. 

Thank you!




I want to teach you how to date with your sensual feminine essence turned on so you can have the more fun, attract the hottest guys and know how to create a lifelong love affair with the man of your dreams! Click the button above to get immediate access to The Courage Kit.


Here are just a few stories from women like you who have completely transformed their romantic lives using my step-by-step process:

“After working with Jenn, I now have a super healthy, fun, exciting relationship with a guy that adores me and that I absolutely adore!!!”

Olivia O., Sales Savant


Working with Jenn, you have nothing to lose and lots to gain.  I was not someone who was unhappy with the life I was living before. In fact, I was extremely happy with my life.  I wasn’t the girl who was dying to be in a relationship and get married I was OK with that happening, and I was OK with that not happening. Jenn helped me realize the things that were making me closed off to relationships and/or abrasive toward men who were interested, and to make some changes in my life to open to the possibility of a healthy relationship. I know now that the love is sooooo worth the risk! For the first time, I was open enough and fearless enough to being set up, and then dating my current boyfriend who has enhanced my life and consistently shows me what love is. I use the skills Jenn taught me still in this relationship.”

Cynthia S., Attorney

I learned the hard way more than once that Jenn’s rules are the best dating guidelines I’ve ever come across and believe me, I’ve read a lot.”

Katt L., President of Operations & Director of Marketing

“My experience working with Jenn was more than enlightening, it was life changing! I started my first class with a “chip” on my shoulder regarding relationships and myself. Jenn helped me realize that I was capable of having anything that I want in dating, and more importantly, in my life. I was able to prioritize what was important in my life and I started achieving my goals. We quickly removed the “divorced” title, and changed it to SINGLE. To some, that may not mean a lot, but to me it helped my start the process of moving forward! From learning how to truly accept a compliment with a smile, to enjoying every moment of my dating experiences, I became more secure in not only knowing what I want, but getting the most out of every experience as well. I can now see the good in all: men, work, family and me.

I can’t thank Jenn enough for the fire that she has helped relight in myself. It was always there, I just let it smolder for a while. Overall the experience is a lot like getting that new pair of shoes that you have been wanting for a long time. I slip them on every single day, and step out with a smile on my face!” 

Erin R., PR Director


Got more questions, comments, or concerns?

Email me at