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Do you have beauty, brains, a killer sense of humour, but your dating life still sucks?!!


Look, online dating or dating in general for that matter can be daunting, and we’ve been in the trenches with you, feeling confused, disappointed, and stuck.

But that was then. This is now. We’ve done our romantic research and learned our life lessons, and we want to help you do the same.

With years of incredible dating experience between us, we’ve come up with the most outstanding resource available today to help women navigate the intricacies of online dating.

And it’s not just that: we also want to teach you how to become an Adored Woman who knocks it out of the park each time she wants a date. So how can we do that for you?

Here’s the deal: we want to live in a world where every woman is adored, every man is appreciated, and every couple is utterly awesome.

This is THE definitive guide to finding true love, romance and adventure with online dating— and having a complete + total blast, along the way!


E-rresistibility, The Adored Woman’s Guide to Online Dating clocks in at 13 interactive chapters + 3 bonus modules for you to explore. This is EPIC, ladies.

It’s the first + only program that lays out online dating etiquette + strategy, combined with powerful mindset techniques to bolster your confidence + self-esteem. It’s written by women, for women. It’s the full package — so to speak. 😉


This is us laying it bare for you. It is our personal behind-the-scenes top secret strategies + plans + surprising thought processes + methods to inspire him to creative romantic gestures + first emails + first date protocols + sneaky ways to create dating adventures + the challenges that can come up + solutions to those challenges + all the messy stuff in-between.

We’ve organized all this goodness into 13 interactive chapters of classified for-your-eyes-only information. Plus 3 unbelievable bonuses. Expect folio worksheets + checklists + exercises + do’s and don’ts for the creation of your epic dating adventures.

This isn’t your typical information you can find by google searching or reading random webpages about online dating. And it’s certainly not information you’re going to get from your friends. It is concrete, step-by-step instructions on how to set up a perfect-for-you profile portfolio and how to go about attracting, conversing with, meeting and inspiring adoration by wonderful men online. All while being your perfect self.

The thing is, we KNOW the reason we have been able to create epic dating adventures as well as teach tons of women how to do so is because women are built to be adored. Most women don’t know how to do that, much less where to start!

So, if you dare to do it differently, if you are ready to learn about adoration, PLEASE try this at home. Dating doesn’t turn itself around magically. If you want something different romantically, you have to DO something different romantically.

So, do this course in your pyjamas, with music, and a glass of wine paired with some dark chocolate and a cozy blanket.

And be not afraid! If you let us help you on your journey, you will have everything you’re looking for + everything you need, plus a hell of a lot of fun to boot.





Bonus #1 – Creating Your Mantourage

Ever considered the possibility you could have multiple irresistible men vying for your attention with their creativity and adoration? This bonus teaches you how to be adored by men. Yes, plural.

Bonus #2 – Chemistry: The Adored Woman’s Secret Weapon

Chemistry is one of those things people believe either exists or it doesn’t, and either happens immediately or not at all. This bonus demystifies the whole notion of chemistry and shows you how to turn up the heat with any man you choose, in an easy – and fun – way.

Bonus #3 – E-rresistibly Adorable Subliminal Audio

Ready to supercharge your online success with men? This special subliminal audio was created with the most powerful mantras to help you shift your mindset as you become an adored woman. It will help you upgrade your thoughts and, when combined with your online efforts, makes attracting high quality, incredible men easy-peasy as well as a lot of fun.


You’re out and about, yet your social life isn’t yielding the kind of men you desire (i.e: not to mention online you’ve encountered your fair share of weirdos, creeps and ickies…and nice, but boring, guys or you hear the steady chirping of crickets in your inbox).

All your friends are married and have kids and you’re not in college anymore, so you don’t have wingwomen to go out with and meet fantastic men.

Your romantic routine is non-existent: the chances of you meeting someone on your couch when you get home from work are slim to none.

You’ve been out of the dating game for a while (maybe years!) and you have no idea where to start.

You believe men and women are equal but whether you’re more traditional or a hard core feminist, you still like the idea of being adored by a man you’re insanely attracted to.

You know you’re smart, strong and can be as super successful as any man, but it hasn’t yielded you the love you crave.

You’re tired of all the bland, boring, formulaic love advice out there that still leaves you alone on a Saturday night.

You’re super busy and want step-by-step help getting set up for the most epic online dating adventures without the extra ruffles and fluff (unless it’s a feather tickling from a hot sexy genius man).

You are determined to meet the right person for you this year.


You don’t like bacon.

You don’t like the idea of men treating you like an adored woman.

You aren’t ready to let go of the patterns that are keeping you stuck and single.

You are committed to believing all men are lying, cheating, disappointing f%cktards.

You want the fairy tale without the steamy, naughty sex that goes with it.

You think your brilliant romantic life won’t start until you lose 10 lbs, give up smoking, and become the woman you think men want.

You’d rather spend Saturday night crying about the scraps of attention he pays you instead of getting your hot buns on a hot date with a new delicious man.

You are committed to being a victim…in every situation with men.

You think your private life is so VIP you won’t share a picture online. Even in a hidden profile.

You can’t HANDLE the truth (about your love life)!

You’d rather spend $97 on food, clothing or other stuff to justify the fact that you haven’t yet found someone who will love and cherish you the way you want, for a lifetime.


Let’s recap what you’re getting:

* 13 Interactive Chapters to watch on your own time frame
* Interactive Folios: brainstorm, layout and plan your online dating portfolio
* Audio Transcripts: For commuting, or good ol’ fashioned reading
* 3 Bonuses
* Creating Your Mantourage
* Chemistry: The Adored Woman’s Secret Weapon
* E-rresistibly Adorable Subliminal Audio


Howdy! I’m Jenn, the creator of Have Him Your Way and The Courage Kit: Create Epic Dating Adventures, Discover LifeLong Romance

I’ve had my share of romantic adventures (and misadventures). I’ve seen the light + dark sides of dating (and marriage, and divorce). And I’ve devoted thousands of hours to studying women’s empowerment + sensuality, with some of top experts in the world.

Here’s what I know for damn sure: if you want to be loved + adored, you’ve got to believe you deserve it. Create your own dating adventures, and the love of your life will follow.

Hey! I’m Emily, the Chief Odd Duck at Rare Bird Co. I’m a dating + romance coach for lovable oddballs.

I believe that the way you approach dating reflects the way you approach everything.

If you step into the dating world feeling thoroughly unlovable, those beliefs are going to permeate every corner of your life. Yikes.

But! If you step into the dating arena with a spirit of curiosity, confidence + adventure, that energy will cascade into everything you do. Yes!

Our promise to you, Your Royal Hotness,

If you go through E-rresistibility,The Adored Woman’s Guide to Online Dating and put the lessons into action, you will be beautifully prepared with an incredible online profile portfolio to dive into the world of online dating — for the first time, or the fiftieth time.

You’ll have powerful tools + practical scripts to navigate the online dating waters with ease. You’ll be inspired to flirt, tease + play with the fabulous new men in your life.

You’ll fill your diary with romantic adventures + exhilarating first dates (and seconds and thirds after you go through our Chapter 11 lesson)

And your confidence + magnetism will flood into every area of your life.

It’s a big promise. We know. But we’ve seen our lessons in motion, with tons of women (not to mention ourselves). And this program? It’s a goldmine.


Women are saying …

“Thank you so much you are an amazing star. Have more interest than I can handle with these 4 men and others that are wanting to message me on eHarmony…”

Update: “I have been on over 15 dates in the last few months, I have been adored, I have been romanced and I have swept off my feet. 15 dates with a variety of lovely men.

My life has exploded with joy and happiness as I can honestly say that the man of my dreams has landed right into my heart. He is everything I asked for and more. He writes me poetry, he takes me places I have never been, loves me unconditionally and has swept me off my feet. 1000 dates with the ultimate perfect for me man.
– Samantha B., Australia

To show off my whimsical, sparkly, fun and funky side and expect it to attract men’s attention is terrifying, exhilarating, CRAZY! I feel like I’ve jumped out of an airplane and the parachute is about to open – all adrenaline and addictive as hell. It is helping me to allow good things, the things I truly want, to enter my life.
-Elizabeth L., LA

Because this was my first experience with writing an online profile I can honestly say I looked upon the task with absolute dread. Some of my struggles included fear, insecurity, and being completely in the dark on where to begin or even end. This task seemed as impossible as climbing Mt Everest without oxygen! Now, for the first time, I feel CONFIDENT with the process of online dating. Amazing!
– Lynette L,. LA

As far as we know, you only live once. Will this be the moment you take a chance on yourself, and try something different to get your dream guy?

Only you know the answer, and we hope you give our approach to online dating a fair shot, because it could mean the difference between being alone again this time next year or having your man bring you a cup of coffee in bed when you wake up each Saturday. Yumm…




Apparently this is where we are supposed to tell you that you are doomed to solitude if you don’t give us your money now. That you’ll miss out on amazing men and will spend your life alone as a crazy cat lady. So BUY BUY BUY. But that’s not how we roll. (Besides, we love cats.)

Here’s the true story:

* There is NOTHING online that teaches you the stuff we’ve got in here
* We know it works
* We know you will think about dating and men in a whole new way when you do the program, and you will love being ADORED. But, if you decide not to buy it, that’s okay. We’ll still love you. for the most part;)