I exclusively work with women like you who want it all: career, success, to be loved- adored-romanced… and who are willing change up the status quo in romance and dating so you can finally have the love life of your dreams as well as soft place to land at the end of your day.

Passion, Desire, Adoration, Love, Adventure…

Are these just words on a page for you? or,

Do you feel like…?

  • You are searching everywhere for something and can’t find it?
  • You attract the kind of man that ends up ignoring you and leaves you wondering what to do on a Saturday night?
  • You are scared you will never meet a man that likes you as much as you like him?
  • You are bored to tears, or even emotionally starving, from the lack of romantic attention & affection in your life?
  • You are exhausted from having to do it all, and never having anyone to share love & responsibility with?
  • Old relationships and past bad dating experiences keep sabotaging your new ones?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you need a Romantic Fairy Godmother visit right away.

Imagine me, your Romantic Fairy Godmother, when I show up and say… “I am going to grant you 3 men; all delicious, all different, all 3 to tickle your romantic fancy in the most enchanting ways.” I teach women how to have these men in their life, and how to choose their own magical romantic adventures.

I now know that every woman can have what she wants if she is willing to take action in her life for magic to occur, and the results are certainly not unique to my life. Women I work with have incredible results like….

  • Going from no dates in 10 years to married in a year & half
  • Jetting Setting Romantic Adventures
  • Being in a healthy fun relationship for the first time
  • Feeling confident around men for the first time & men taking notice
  • Having multiple men to choose from
  • Being asked out on 6 dates in one day
  • Having a millionaire playboy fall in love with her
  • Feeling good about men for the first time in her life
  • More marriages, more engagements, more romance, more profound love, more incredible sex and much, much, much more.

There is a secret magical recipe…

I developed a method to help women create the most incredible dating adventures in order to discover lifelong romance. I’ve compiled a secret recipe to having your way with men.
I promise you I am not being cocky or arrogant, but a huge part of this secret magical recipe is me…

I just have really sweet intuition when it comes to all things men now. My private clients fly the fastest because of the immense amount of play by play strategy access they have to me. And they also learn to develop their own sweet intuition about men.

This is what I get excited about everyday. I love strategizing with strong single women in order to create the most extraordinary dating adventures. I realized awhile back that if I could inspire a man to be the man of my dreams by creating magical dating adventures, then I should show other women how to do the same.

“Did you say you inspired a man to be the man of your dreams by creating magical dating adventures?” Yep, I did; and you can have the same…

So tell me, are you ready to go from crappy, lame, or even non-existent dating experiences into being loved, cherished & Adored?
If so, then you have hit the Godmother Load of personal help for your love-life.
Introducing the Romantic Fairy Godmother Access Pass!
Magical Expert Help with your love life for my strong single beauties; this access pass is a romantic-destiny changer for women around the world.
You see, most women think that finding love is only about finding the right man. Lots of women believe that it’s about trying to figure out what’s going on in his head. Others think that it’s their destiny to be single or that men don’t like strong women.

Forgive me, but it’s all CANDY COATED CRAP.

And you could spend days upon weeks, upon months, upon years, waiting, going out on crappy dates, reading article after e-book wasting your time and money. Or, you could open up your world to true romantic possibilities and hire yourself a Romantic Fairy Godmother.

Let me tell you a little about how my magic works. It’s a little like Cinderella only better…
You see Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother didn’t create the Prince for her, instead she used her magic to create the opportunity for Cinderella. AND THEN Cinderella took that opportunity and enchanted, flirted, mesmerized the pants off of Prince Charming, leaving him in a tizzy.

Such a tizzy that he searched the kingdom looking for her.

Now had I been her Fairy Godmother, I would have done a few things differently – like gotten a contact number for the Prince, so she didn’t have to deprive his Hotness of her enchanting ways for too long.

(And we would definitely have a stern discussion about how she lets her step-bitches run all over her.)

But that is neither here nor there. What I really want you to know is that this private access pass is your opportunity to spend 6 months with me learning my Romantic Fairy Godmother trade secrets, and work with me one-on-one to create your romantic adventures.

Which means:

  • We are going to take the guess work out of your love life.
  • No more trying to figure it out all on your own.
  • No more pestering your friends for their opinion on what you should do about that guy.
  • No more driving yourself INSANE trying to figure out what’s going on in his head.
  • No more feeling like a constant romantic failure.
  • And No more sitting on the romantic sidelines paralyzed with fear.

The Romantic Fairy Godmother Access Pass is a 6 month commitment to you.

It includes:

  • Me as your personal Romantic Fairy Godmother during your dating and relationship adventures to walk you through step by step as you create the relationship you really want
  • Weekly Private Coaching Calls so that you’re not staring at the phone wondering what to do now?
  • Ridding yourself of all the insecurity, doubt, old trust issues, and fear by learning to use a powerful tool that is available only to my private clients.
  • My personal cell phone number so your romantic fairy god mother is on call and ready to help you when you feel overwhelmed or stuck
  • Unlimited email access and Unmatched support through Phone/ Skype which means when you need me, you get me and that you are never left wondering what to do next
  • Help with your sweet spot communication which means you will know exactly what to say to him that will have him eating out of your hands.
  • Help with all of the emotions of dating, romance, and relationships so that you are never left alone to work through old or recurring themes in your romantic life.
  • Immediate access to The Courage Kit and E-rresibility, my two signature programs designed to take you from sitting on the couch on Saturday night to creating epic dating adventures that rock your world
  • Access to any new hot online programs during your enrollment.

This is an incredible amount of expert help, support, and strategic personalized advice literally at your fingertips.

As for pricing, it is pretty straightforward.

6 months= $8000 USD
and payment plans are available at no additional charge.

Sound like a lot? Well here is what I know for sure

Women buy what they value.

For instance:

Many women value products and services that make them look and feel more
attractive. Many spend large sums of money make up, clothing,
accessories, and all types of procedures to look more attractive to the
opposite sex.

By the way – if you think I am attempting to shame women for doing this,
think again. I do this as well. And there is nothing wrong with it.

But let’s break it down a little further

  • Plastic surgery: upwards of $1000 dollars (and I am being very modest)
  • Average cost of one hot outfit including shoes and handbag: $400
  • Average cost of fillers and facial injections: $800
  • Average cost of a trip to the hair salon: $110
  • Average trip to Sephora: Easily $100

All of these things can be excellent tools on your romantic journey and a
fun part of prepping for your love life. But unfortunately, they are not
the principle ingredients of the magical spell to make all of your
romantic dreams come true.

So what are the principal ingredients?

1. An openness to romantic possibilities… you
can be a bit jaded by love and romance, but if you are completely shut
down, it is going practically impossible for the love you want to pole
vault over your walls without doing serious bodily injury to himself.

2. Really great advice from someone who truly understands the male/female
dynamic, and who knows how to personalize that advice for you. Too
many women are going to too many different friends and family for
advice, hoping to understand men better. 9 times out of 10, they leave
temporarily enlightened and then viciously confused when they decide to
ask someone else. Don’t torture yourself by asking everyone’s opinion.
Seek advice that will really help you draw in the romantic relationship
you want from one source.

3. Truly value how incredible you are romantically, and seek help unleashing & owning your unique attractiveness. Most women are convinced if they figure out what exactly he wants and what he is thinking, then she’ll have the key to happily ever after with him.


The key is to discover who you are romantically, understand your unique
deliciousness, and own what an incredible catch you are. Otherwise, all
those tools you use from above (makeup, plastic, surgery, clothing, hair

But the good news is that you can learn how to have, be, and understand
these principal ingredients. And when combined with the rest of the
tools we have mentioned, that makes you a romantic force to be reckoned with.

I know that you value your love life potential, and I know this because
you wouldn’t be reading this right now if you didn’t. But I want you to
consider that you are missing one or even a few main ingredients that
are keeping you from what you want.

I know I was missing several. Which is why I realized I was ready to make
something incredible happen in my life. So I sought out mentors/experts
and a support system which I paid tens of thousands of dollars for. (I didn’t have a lot of money at the time, but I also know we women are damn good at finding money for the things we value.) And I continue to do this today. I am committed to leading an incredible life, having an awesome relationship & family, and doing what I love
everyday. I deserve all of that, and you,whether you believe so or not, do too.

Most strong single women I know and/or have worked with have one thing in
common. They are incredible at the rest of their life, but they feel
powerless, uncomfortable, and awkward in romance. Just because you are strong, DOES NOT mean you have to figure it out on your own.

In fact one of the fastest ways to unravel all that is keeping you from the man of your dreams is my Private Romantic Fairy Godmother Access Pass. And I’m not going to sugar coat it. It works.

Considering what most women spend over a lifetime doing their best to attract the opposite sex, this is a small investment to change your love life forever. Plus you get all of my attention.

I guarantee this 6 month experience will change you and your love life forever. If you show up, do the work, and are open to honest feedback, I will show you how to have your romantic dream come true.

I emphatically believe in every woman’s ability to be loved, adored, and cherished by a man or men they are insanely attracted to. But even though I consider myself a Romantic Fairy Godmother All Star, the facts are I can really only help women who are dedicated to the process and want a profound change in their romantic life.

If you are truly interested in shaking up the romantic status quo and recreating your romantic adventures, then there is something I’d like you to do.

1. Fill out Romantic Fairy Godmother Access Pass Application. HERE
2. Once your application is approved (takes up to 48 hours, not including weekends), We will set up a time to talk. You get me for 30 minutes to help with your dating life right now and discuss whether or not we’ll be a good fit for each other.
Warning: I adore my clients, but I don’t like to waste your time nor mine. I am direct, blunt, mildly sarcastic, and loving all with the intention of giving you exactly what you need to have what you want. If you are not willing to take responsibility for your own romantic fate, then please do not apply until you are.

FYI: Romantic Fairy Godmother Access Passes are primarily for single women. On occasions I take women in relationships. I also sometimes have space for a lovely lady going through a rough breakup.

Ready to be a romantic force to be reckoned with? Are you ready to say HELL YES to steamy hot pleasure with a massive dose of love and adoration on the side? Then I can’t wait to hear from you. And believe me he’ll be glad you did!